Anyone who has ever tried to introduce their significant other to the sport of mountain biking can probably relate to this video. Just watch it–I will almostĀ guaranteeĀ that you’ll crack up!

A Couples’ Ride from Darcy Turenne on Vimeo.

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  • chukt

    “Maybe you should brake less?”

    If I told my wife that, there would be blood!

  • GoldenGoose

    Made my wife watch this with me…

    After the first minute she walked away saying “that’s ridiculous, I don’t do that stuff”.

    So I just turned up the volume.

    Then while she sat in the other room pretending not to be paying attention, I caught her laughing and mumbling to herself after the scene where the guy broke down crying about being hormonal and feeling ” fat and crampy”.

    She KNEW she was pegged.

  • gar29

    OMG that was hilarious! Now if I could just get my wife out for a ride to find out if that is true…

  • Bubblehead10MM

    No Comment…I mean my Girl Friend doesn’t do any of that stuff, except the brake thing. and “don’t wait” but it seems ok when I don’t.

  • CrispyMTB

    Does it make me a bad husband that I am extremely happy that my wife has zero interest in riding?.
    I rather like having my own thing.

  • brianW

    Last summer my wife and I went to Woody’s Mountain Bikes in Helen, GA. Her idea by the way. Last time my wife road a bike was in high school (we have a 16 yr. old) They dropped us off at Unicoi Gap and we road 15 miles of forest service roads back to Helen. Yes not singletrack but she loved it. A year later she is looking to upgrade from a specialized Mika to a Jett 29er and even though slow, enjoys the trails.

  • SabianDB

    I’m taking my wife out on the trail this weekend and she better not ask me a ton of questions.

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