Wow, I guess people don’t like free stuff! First two contests haven’t had a winner despite the easy tasks. Let’s see who wins today’s prize package: a pair of skewers (red and green); “The Wedge,” high vis light emitting tape; and a spoke wrench. To make things interesting we’ll also roll yesterday’s prize package in as well (Pedaling Strength DVD and Singletracks MINDS documentary). Here’s the task:

Today’s competition (ending tomorrow, October 4, 2007 @ 12pm EST) will award the member who submits the most valid, original, and new mountain bike gear reviews. If there is gear you’d like to review that is not yet listed, you may add it first using this form.

Good luck!


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  • RemfSS

    Hey, I submitted two bike reviews for bikes not in the list. Will these count towards this?

  • Jeff Barber

    Sorry for not making this more clear but here’s how gear reviews work (for future reference):

    If you want to review gear that isn’t listed, you’ll first need to add it. The “Add Gear” form is used to give objective information about the gear (brand, photo, specs, etc.). Once you submit new gear it goes to our admin for approval. After the gear has been approved you should receive an email with a link to the gear listing letting you know you can now review the gear. Bottom line is that adding gear and reviewing gear are two separate actions.

    Unfortunately the approval process is necessary to ensure that all our gear listings are consistent and that they contain accurate information. As always we’re open to suggestions for making the process more intuitive…

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