Last Friday we mentioned the sale on singletracks t-shirts and the response was clear: mountain bikers love $10 t-shirts. Unfortunately we ran out of size large shirts before the end of the weekend so we had to stop taking orders early this week. The good news is more shirts are being printed as we speak (should be ready late next week) and we’re now accepting orders for all sizes. $10 pricing is still in effect so get your order in now before we run out again!


I also wanted to give an update on the Google Maps trailhead project: after a couple weeks of contributions trickling in you’ve helped us pinpoint roughly 33% of the singletracks trail catalog. Honestly that’s not a great percentage – we need about 80% before the maps become useful – but we’re hoping things will ramp up this spring as people get back on the trails. If you hit a trail page with a map request, take 30 seconds to let us know where the trailhead is – it’ll definitely be rad once we get the Google Maps happening.

One nice side effect of the trailhead project is that it’s helping us identify duplicate trail listings in many areas. We’re serious about keeping the trail database clean and up to date so if you see any duplicate listings, holla at us and we’ll get it taken care of.

Ride hard this weekend and stay off wet trails!

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  • Asfyxiate

    Ah! I was totally going to buy a large once I got paid next Friday, thankfully you guys are getting more out there. Keep up the good work.

  • trek7k

    We’ve experimented with other colors in the past but have had limited success. Plus the inventory thing is a bitch, I guess we’re not that smart 🙂

    What color(s) would people be interested in?

  • AK_Dan

    anything but green! 😀
    Basic black seems to always work well.

  • EZ-E

    Since you’re actively printing…is there any way possible to print some Singletracks logos on some shirts OTHER THAN cotton? Say, a polyester jersey material in a t-shirt cut…doesn’t need a zipper front or rear pockets. Just something to wear on a ride.

    I am shopping for some new riding shirts and I know I would buy some …if you’ve had success with the cotton T’s, something similar to coolmax material(polyester/wicking) with the ST logo would probably go like hotcakes since we’re headed into the summer.

    As far as color….I’m good with just about anything – the more colors, the better! That definitely ensures I’d buy more than one!

  • mudhunny

    @EZ-E: The remaining stock of t-shirts is actually printed on 50/50 cotton/poly which is a bit more breathable than straight up cotton. At this point we only have M and XL left in the 50/50 shirts – the new ones will be 100% cotton.

    We’ll look into doing some technical t-shirts as well. Our screen printer didn’t have access to these but I’m sure we can find some blanks online and have them printed locally for us…

  • TangoTeamLeader

    Just ordered an XL for me and a M for my fiance.. hopefully you still have a couple 50/50 cotton poly blends laying around in the back room for us 🙂

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