We’re cleaning out our blog queue this month to get ready for summer and we realized we never announced two new features that have been lurking on the site for several months now.


Photo from Sacred Rides’ Awesome Andes Tour.

MTB Tour Reviews: Most of us have never been on a commercial mountain biking tour but if you’re thinking about doing one you’ll want to do your homework. That’s why we added a section where you can find out about the various tours and tour operators, view pics, and even review tours you’ve taken.There are currently 40 MTB tours listed from Asia to North & South America to Europe.

We haven’t had much action on the review side yet (probably since we haven’t promoted the section and only a few dozen riders complete each tour annually) but we hope to get some good tour feedback this summer. Anyone can add tours, pics, and reviews plus you can even create a MTB tour wishlist.

MTB Club Links: Finding local mountain biking clubs can be hit or miss depending on where you live so we recently created a list of MTB clubs around the world. Clubs are organized by state and you’ll find links to the club website and information on which areas the club serves. Anyone can submit a club website for inclusion but all submissions will be moderated to keep the riff-raff out. Dot-org websites are preferred 🙂

We’re also still collecting trailhead locations for our Google Map project (we’re at 36% for those keeping track) and we hope to have something up before summer. And don’t forget: singletracks t-shirts are back in stock and are still available for the rock bottom price of $10 each.

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