It’s the feature request we hear most often: offer a searchable (Google) map of mountain bike trailhead locations on singletracks. We love the idea ourselves but it turns out it’s a little complicated since most mountain bike trails don’t have street addresses (no mailboxes either – strange).

Anyway… We need your help! We just added a function that lets you pinpoint MTB trail locations on a Google Map – it’s simple and should only take a second. The good news is that we already have a head start from the 600+ trails with GPS data plus another 100 trails we’ve located ourselves. The bad news is that’s still just 25% of the entire singletracks trail catalog and we figure it really doesn’t make sense to put up state maps until at least 50% of the trails have been located.

There are no contribution points this time around and it’s not a contest – it’s a goodwill, help out the community kind of thing (though we reserve the right to randomly reward folks with gear from the schwag bag 🙂 ). Once we locate 50% of the trail catalog we’ll post new and improved maps for finding and viewing MTB trails. In the meantime you’ll be able to get driving directions and view trailhead maps of those trails that have already been pinpointed.

We’ll keep everyone posted on the progress here on the blog and in the forums – maybe we should get one of those cartoon thermometers and fill it in as we go… Sweet.

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