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It’s cold in much of the US right now but in the southern hemisphere, mountain biking season is just warming up! We’ve been reading the MTB news out of New Zealand and it just doesn’t seem fair: new trails opening, a mountain bike park launch, and the League of Gentlemen Mountain Bikers Summer Race Series. (Of course it’s not all good news – we also read about an early season injury that nearly paralyzed a Kiwi rider.)

The LoGMB Summer Race Series sounds particularly awesome with events like the Das Super D where riders blast downhill then back up again to scull a pint of beer. Then there’s the chainless DH race on Feb 3 and the MeagreAvalanche Mar 12 modeled after the MegaAvalanche held in France each year (though MeagreAvalance gets about 20 riders compared to thousands at the French version). Rounding out the series, the club hosts a pump track party, a slalom-style MTB race, and a “wacky dress” DH race to cap off the series.

All the LoGMB events are low key with $2 entry fees and a request to bring your own timing device. The group posts regular updates on their official Facebook page so even if you don’t live in Queenstown, you can start getting ideas for your 2011 MTB club events!

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  • Suvacrew

    As a nation, some of them are insanely “cheap” in NZ. BUT when it comes to fun, they can always create some gravity fueled activity that is fun for all of those that don’t fall or make bad decisions. Most fun is to hook up with the locals and avoid the tourist focused activities.
    Just be certain, the liability laws and limits there (NZ)are far different than any US event, no ambulance chasers. A DIY nation with DIY events….and we speak English!
    Come on down. Exchange rate is presently at decade’s high $.76 USD

  • mfattah

    great article good for touism I have a buddy in NZ Im thinking I should talk to and plan an epic trip & ride..very true they do all sorts of cool X-games type events..

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