Wydaho, Idaho and Wyoming (Jackson, WY): Cafe Genevieve

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Wydaho is a massive region. So when picking the town I would evaluate, I decided that Jackson, Wyoming was probably the best choice. Although Jackson isn’t in the best location for easy access to the entire trail network, it is clearly the cultural center of Wydaho. Besides, Jackson’s trails aren’t shabby by themselves. Favorites include the trails coming off of Teton pass like Philip’s Ridge, and others in the area like Cache Creek to Game Creek.

The hands-down best post-ride eat in town can be found at Cafe Genevieve. Cafe Genevieve starts off strong by having two separate bike racks. One city-owned bike rack resides across the street from the restaurant and the other is located right in front of it. It is very easy to see their dedication to providing bikers a nice experience because they could have just left their bike rack situation at the status quo, but instead they intentionally raised the bar. Trip Advisor reviewers were able to identify some of the good qualities of the restaurant; for example, they found that Cafe Genevieve provided great food, good service, reasonable prices (Jackson has fallen victim to the same high-priced atmosphere as Park City), and efficiency.

I completely agree with Ski Curbed when they say that Cafe Genevieve brings a contemporary twist to a lot of southern favorites. But at the same time, they also preserve other dishes in their traditional form. Some good-looking prospects off the menu include their Snake River Farms Pork Neck Ragu, which is covered in garlic bread crumbs and parmesan cheese, and their barbecued pulled pork. One of Cafe Genevieve’s most well-known delicacies is their Pig Candy. Although this dessert is merely a candied strip of bacon, it has become somewhat famous after being featured on the Today Show. Lastly, Trip Advisor reviewer lizshugart confirms that Cafe Genevieve’s atmosphere is nice and casual, so there is no need to fear for any awkward experiences while you’re still wearing your kit.


  • Hours: 8:00am-9:00pm daily
  • Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options
  • Location: 135 E Broadway Ave, Jackson, WY
  • Website; genevievejh.com
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  • Greg Heil

    My mouth is watering right now! I’ve been to a few of these, and all have been superb!

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