• jdmbird83

    How solid is your mounting plate to the givi plate? I’m looking at doing something similar to this. I originally ordered a 2x2cycles kit thinking they would do something similar, but instead, they want me to remove my givi topbox plate, and mount their plate directly to the brackets for my givi. I’d rather have something that mounts and unmounts more quickly, like this.

  • helluvastella

    Hello jdmbird83, Regarding stiffness, I’d give the mounting plate design pictured in the article 6 out of 10. It worked, but I continued to tinker to get something more rigid. Additionally, I didn’t like that I gave up the large, 45 liter top box when I took a bike with me. My most recent design update had me weld a Delta fork clamp to an OEM passenger footpeg stripped of the rubber. With that setup, I can easily swap the fork mount for a footpeg when I carry a passenger.

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