Mountain Biking Causes Mental Illness: Find Out Now If You Are Insane


Mountainous Bicycling Dependence Disorder (MBDD) is a common but serious mental health condition in which an individual is physically and/or psychologically dependent upon riding a bicycle upon the earth’s natural surfaces. MBDD occurs exclusively in avid mountain bikers and affects all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups. While it is mostly seen in adulthood, there are …

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How To Become a Bro-Brah Mountain Biker in 25 Easy Steps


bro: short for brother. a male friend (often used as a form of address). a young man, especially one who socializes primarily with his male peers and enjoys lively, unintellectual pursuits. In the late 1990s, and at the height of its latter-day usage, the term “bro” was threatened by “dude” when the wildly-popular cult classic, …

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Which Stout Beer Tastes the Best? We Bravely Attempt to Find Out

IMG_7954 (1)

Editor’s Note: Singletracks neither encourages nor condones underage alcohol consumption, alcohol abuse, or excessive drinking. If you’re underage according to local law, choose to abstain, or just can’t stand when people geek out over beer, we ask that you choose another article to read–perhaps this one. Following our successful blind IPA taste test earlier this year, we figured …

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The Guide Life: What You Need to Know Before You Quit the Rat Race

Campfire above Lockhart

I recently wrote in these pages about a delightful supported mountain bike trip with Rim Tours. This wasn’t my first such experience—I’ve done the White Rim, the Maze, Bryce to Zion, the Sawtooths in Idaho, and Copper Canyon in Mexico over the past two decades. Each has been a wonderful adventure in a different beautiful …

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MTB Dreams Can Make Your Wildest Singletrack Fantasies Come True


Adventure tourism as an industry is growing rapidly worldwide, and within that industry, the niche of mountain biking is one of the fastest-growing sectors. While it can be difficult to quantify that growth internationally, we’ve seen more and more mountain bike tour operators coming onto the scene on the local level, regional level, and even …

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Dueling Banjos: How Two World-Class Bike Shops in Brevard, NC Set Themselves Apart

Dueling Banjos Sycamore Cycles The Hub Pisgah

If you haven’t yet heard about the phenomenal mountain biking in Western North Carolina, congratulations on your new internet connection! While riders in NC and the Southeast as a whole have been making the pilgrimage to the region for years, it largely flew under the radar in the broader mountain bike community. That has changed over the …

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