Seeing in a New Light with Smith’s ChromaPop Lenses


Smith Optics recently debuted a new series of lenses, which they call ChromaPop. With these new lenses, Smith made some bold claims: Through our proprietary ChromaPop polarized lens technology, we help you see detail and color beyond normal capabilities. ChromaPop filters two specific wavelengths of light that cause color confusion. By doing this the lens …

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The Revant Elite HC3 Lenses Are Optimized for Specific MTB Environments – A Review


When I took my freshman physics course in college, my favorite block was optics. I could get really geeked out studying light wavelengths and how they could be bent, filtered, reflected, and refracted.  But once that block was complete and the test successfully passed, I did my usual brain dump to clear space for the …

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Aspire Acclaimed Sunglasses Review


If you’re out on the trail getting rad, it’s in your best interest to also look rad while doing so, because if you’re not stylish while out on the singletrack, what’s the point? Thankfully Aspire Eyewear has stepped up and created a new line of performance eyewear that is not only absurdly lightweight, but also …

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Review: Bolle Bounty Sunglasses

2015-04-10 bolle bounty

The Bolle Bounty glasses look totally unassuming on the showroom floor. But when you get them out on the trail, the Bountys throw down no matter how formidable the challenge might be. Specs The Bolle Bountys are full-framed glasses with what appears to be pretty standard nylon arms. There’s no adjustment in either the arms or …

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Review: Native Eyewear Ward Sunglasses


Native Eyewear Ward sunglasses, named after the famous cycling climb up LeftHand canyon to Ward, were designed with style and comfort in mind for the rider who wants good coverage on the trail, and a stylish set of lenses to wear both on and off the bike. The Deets: Details of the sunglasses can be found here. …

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Review: Endura Guppy Glasses


Hydrophobic–that’s me!  Many years ago, when I chose to serve, there’s a reason I walked into the Air Force recruiter office and not the Navy recruiter.  Fact is, I don’t like any body of water deeper than I am tall.  Really, my name, German for “fish,” is a horrible misnomer.  I swim like an anchor …

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Review: Ryders Hijack Photochromic Sunglasses


Ryders has a strong reputation in the biking community for well-designed optics that cater to a broad spectrum of athletes. These Hijack glasses are designed to accommodate just about anyone, whether you race ‘cross, pine for enduro, or wear Lycra in pursuit of a polka-dot jersey. Mountain bike riders know that light conditions are constantly fluctuating, which …

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