Chris’s Overzealous Riding Goals for 2016

dakine oakridge flannel

Although it was an extremely ride-productive year for me, looking back on 2015, I really fell short in the pre-season planning department. In fact, out of three goals I had set for myself and submitted to you, I only completed one! Granted, many, many other worthwhile opportunities for adventure presented themselves upon which I capitalized, however, it would simply …

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Registration Is Open for 9 Mountain Bike Festivals in 2016

photo: BLM via Flickr Creative Commons, no changes made.

No mountain bike event brings it all together like the mountain bike festival. Whether you’re looking for a race, relaxation, guided group rides, or just some shit-eating-grin good times, these fat tire gatherings have it all. Here, we’ve gathered a smattering of some of the coolest, most promising fests you can register for now. And …

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Test Ride Review: Breezer Supercell


Have you ever met someone you were instantly, completely comfortable with?  From the first exchange, you simply fit well with them.  It’s not the fiery passion of “love at first sight,” which inevitably burns out after a brief “honeymoon period,” but more the comfortable hand-in-glove fit that announces that both today and for years to …

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Test Ride Review: Turner RFX


As I prepped for Outerbike, there was one bike I was particularly stoked to have the opportunity to try: the all new carbon Turner RFX 4.0.  Traditionally, Turner has made stouter-than-average bikes in every category, clinging to aluminum longer than most manufacturers.  At the more gnarly end of their continuum lay the all-mountain RFX, a …

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Test Ride Review: Intense Tracer 275C Pro


Intense Cycles’ Tracer 275C has become the stuff of legends, but sometimes, unless you get up close and personal with a legendary figure, you’ll never know how much of what you’ve heard is fact, and how much is fiction. With the Tracer, despite its legendary status, I found that everything I’d heard fell in the …

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Test Ride Review: Marin Pine Mountain 27.5+


The opening of Outerbike is a frenzied melee, as hundreds of riders who have waited an hour or more in the morning desert sun all sprint to the tent of their choice in hopes of getting the latest, greatest, most hyped, or most desired bike as their first demo.  If you’ve ever been to a …

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Test Ride Review: Polygon Collosus T8

2015-03-19 polygon

Polygon has been around for decades; since 1989, to be exact. You’re not going to see these bikes at your local bike shop. Based out of Indonesia, Polygon has only expanded to the US market in the past couple of years. They have over two decades of experience building bikes, but a quick Google search …

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