12 Excellent Full-Length MTB Films You Can Stream Free on Amazon Prime and YouTube

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We love watching mountain bike videos online, but sometimes 5 minute edits are just too short and leave us wanting more! With that in mind, here are 10 great, full-length mountain bike films you can stream on Amazon Prime, YouTube, and RedBull.tv right now. If you have a Roku Streaming Player, you can even watch …

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MTB Movie Review: Pedal Driven


10 Reasons to watch Pedal Driven, a BIKEumentary: 1. You saw the earlier Singletracks blog post by trek7k about the fundraising efforts to complete the movie. If you pledged, you’re part of the effort. 2. There are secret/illegal/pirate trails in your area and you want to watch the story of how a group of passionate, …

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Help Support MTB Documentary: Type1Rider


Taproot Films is working on an interesting documentary called Type1Rider about diabetic Tony Cervati and his quest to compete in this year’s Great Divide Race. Tony has been training for 3 years now and wanted to do something big to raise awareness for Type 1 diabetes beyond his existing blog of the same name (type1rider.org). …

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Pedal Driven Documentary Centers on Conflict Between Freeriders and Federal Land Managers


Pedal Driven is a mountain bike documentary in production that centers on the conflict between illegal freeride trailbuilders and US Forest Service rangers in Washington state – and the creators need your help to finish the film. IMBA and others like Specialized, Shimano, and Yakima have already thrown their support behind the film and all …

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Race Across the Sky 2010


Last year’s Race Across the Sky was a great mountain bike movie that seemed to have it all: star power (Lance Armstrong), an epic clash between an outsider and a local hero (Armstrong and Dave Wiens), and a beautiful and harsh natural backdrop (Colorado, 10,000 feet above sea level). To top it all off the …

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Two Mountain Bike Films


These days mountain bike movies seem to come in two flavors: documentary and music video montages. Both formats seem to work well, though we’re a little bummed no one has found a way to make a scripted mountain bike film that isn’t completely cheesy. Anyway, this week we came across two mountain bike films that …

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