Tailwind Endurance Drink Review


Everyone has their particular formula for hydration and energy replenishment on the trail. For me, my formula has evolved over time into the following: water in my pack, Heed electrolyte drink in a bottle, and a combination of snacks including Clif Shot Bloks, Hammer Gel, and Honey Stinger waffles. Now what if I told you that all of that …

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FRS Health Energy Review


By now you’ve probably seen the ads for FRS Healthy Energy products featuring top riders like Lance Armstrong and Travis Brown but you may be wondering, does this stuff actually work? I wondered the same thing myself so I decided to put FRS to the test. At the age of 40 I have been having …

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Nuun Active Hydration


I’ve been using Nuun Active Hydration tablets ($19.50 for a 3 pack) for a while and just wanted to give a quick heads up on this product. Unlike other tablets on the market, these babies can be used in your hydration pack without fear of growing a funky science experiment. The Nuun tablets are also …

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