How To Know When It’s Time to Buy a New Mountain Bike VS Upgrading Your Old One


At some point, all of us will be faced with this question: “Should I upgrade the parts on my old mountain bike or just buy a whole new rig?” It’s not always an easy or clear decision, but if any of the following scenarios apply to you, it might just be time to buy a new bike. Your bike doesn’t fit …

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Watch: How To Choose a Beginner Mountain Bike

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Last time, we set Lisa up with everything she needed to start mountain biking. She now has a bike, a helmet, a hydration pack, gloves, and a multi tool. She also has a floor pump, and a rack to transport her bike with. As Lisa progresses we’ll be looking at all this stuff in more …

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The Best Mountain Bike Trail in Each US State for Beginners

best beginner mountain bike trails

New mountain bikers have to start somewhere. If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve moved on to more difficult trails but the thing is, you probably have friends or even kids you would love to take riding for the first time. The trick is choosing a trail that’s fun and as frustration-free as possible …

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15 Valuable Lessons I Learned on My First Bikepacking Trip


I couldn’t help but be enamored of the concept of bikepacking: heading out into the backcountry, riding my bike for days on end, carrying everything that I need to survive, with nowhere else I have to be and nothing else I have to do besides eat, drink, and ride my bike. And apparently, thousands of mountain bikers around the nation, if …

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