Pedaling Innovations Catalyst Pedal First Impressions – The BIGGEST Flat Pedal Around

Catalyst Still

If you are looking for a large platform flat pedal this could be the perfect option for you!  The Catalyst by Pedaling Innovations is huge at 95mm wide x 16mm thick x 143mm long!  This pedal is perfect for someone looking to change from clipless to flat pedals. Due to its massive size it is slightly heavier …

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Canfield Brothers Crampon Ultimate Pedals Review


Labeling anything as “Ultimate” sets a high bar, but that’s exactly what Canfield Brothers did when they released the latest version of their Crampon pedals. Specs Just like handlebars, rims, and tires, pedals are getting the “wider is better” treatment. The broad platform measures 105mm x 105mm (4.1in x 4.1in), which provided ample support for my size …

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New Spank Spoon Pedals and Kid’s Wheels on the Market

Spank Spoon pedals available in three widths

Spank is known for their no-nonsense, durable, and affordable products. In an age of $2,000 carbon wheels, it’s nice to see a company working to keep gear attainable. Spank’s products are made for the everyday rider who wants something that works well, doesn’t need constant maintenance, but also looks good. Spank’s wheels, stems, pedals, and …

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Review: The iSSi Trail Pedal


You may not have heard of iSSi yet, but they are making a strong bid to join the fairly short list of performance pedal purveyors. However, they have a slight twist: iSSi’s line of all-clipless pedals come in a variety of colors from simple silver to bright neon, covering most of the rainbow. The iSSi …

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