Today we’re launching new and improved trail maps here on singletracks and we’re really stoked to give you the grand tour! Take a look at this free map to check it out.

Simplified Map Tab

The map tab on singletracks trail pages has been simplified to present a new interactive map along with links to download map images and data. Below the interactive map you’ll find the same trail elevation profile and any applicable map notes.

Enhanced Background Maps

This is the biggest change and we’re really excited about the additional detail the new background maps provide. We’ve partnered with NeoTreks to add thousands of miles of trails to our maps, providing context to the 20,000+ miles of mountain bike trails singletracks members have already mapped. The new maps also add topography and 3D shading, making them perfect for printing and taking on the trail with you.

The new interactive trail map allows you to turn layers on or off (GPS track, shading, road+trails) and you can pan/zoom to get the exact view you need.

For trails that haven’t been mapped by singletracks members yet, subscribers can still view the new maps where, in many cases, the trails may be shown on the map. While these maps don’t offer all the features of singletracks-mapped trails (elevation profile, downloadable GPS data/map image) they can still be incredibly helpful. The image below shows the area around Alpine Tunnel in Colorado where we don’t have GPS data yet (other than the trailhead location).

Trails in the Alpine Tunnel area.

Other Changes

As you may have noticed already, we’ve moved the trailhead directions form off the map tab and onto the trail page itself. Map thumbnails, PDFs, and printable versions will be updated over the next couple months to utilize the new basemap data.

To cover the costs of the improved maps and coverage, we’re raising the price of singletracks memberships by $5 starting April 15, 2012. If you’ve been thinking about subscribing, do it before April 15 to save yourself a few bucks. 🙂 Or, submit 3 new trail maps and earn a free lifetime membership.

Maps are an important part of the trail information singletracks provides and as map users ourselves we’re really excited about the improvements. Map out your spring mountain biking adventures with the new and improved singletracks trail maps!

# Comments

  • trek7k

    One thing I forgot to mention: The new basemaps only cover the US. For the moment, that means the interactive maps will be blank while we work on an alternate solution. Maps for trails outside the US will continue to be offered free of charge.

  • GoldenGoose

    Is there a “legend” or something of that nature to help us figure out the designated use of the extra trails and roads that NeoTreks adds to the map? Some are named and that certainly helps. Others, are just various colored lines with no designation.

  • dgaddis

    This is great, job well done! I especially like the shadow effect, makes it much easier to visualize the terrain.

  • RoadWarrior

    Looks good. Can get a better idea on the terrain without downloading GPX files to my mapping program.

  • Bubblehead10MM

    Ah, new toys to play with. 🙂 I suspect this may explain some of why it has taken a while for recent gps submissions to get processed. Cheers

  • AK_Dan

    Looks great Jeff.
    Thanks for the constant effort and renewal of the site here, makes this a great place to be a part of.

  • RoadWarrior

    Been looking at some of the maps, and I’ll have to change my looks good to LOOKS GREAT. Colors, land use, and road overlays, sweet.

  • Bubblehead10MM

    After playing around a little, I like these maps, and they have a lots of detail the old ones didn’t, but I find I’m missing the old hybrid maps, and missing some trail head way points that I’m not seeing. And the request to help locate trailhead.

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