Still rocking all those stock components on your bike? Here are our staff gear picks that add a little (or a lot! of) bling to your ride. A gold chain makes quite a statement, amirite?
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SRAM XX1 Eagle

The ultimate cassette delivers 500% usable GOLDEN gear range.


Silicone Lock-on Grips

Customize your ride with easy to install, multi-color, dual-compound grips.


Yeti SB130 Turq XX1

Feast your eyes on all that Kashima.


Headset Spacer Kit

Comes with 3 Chromag spacers to color-coordinate with your bike.

$11.70   MSRP: $13.00

Fox Kashima Top Cap

Why a Kashima top cap? Why not.


Gold Egg Beater 11

The lightest mountain bike pedals in the world. Learn more.

$319.00   MSRP: $319.73

ENVE M7 Handlebar

M7 bars come with a variety of decals to color match to your heart’s content. Learn more.


Yeti SB150 Turq X01

The SB stands for Super Bike, and this enduro bike promises to rip. Learn more.


Ultralight Stem Cap

Add an easy and affordable pop of color with a stem cap.


Sparrow Bottle Cage

A classy water bottle holder in copper or rose gold.


KMC X11 Gold Chain

Looks good on your bike or around your neck. 44% off!

$53.20   MSRP: $95.00

Santa Cruz Bronson

The Bronson in Primer Grey is begging for some bling and color.


Deity Copperhead Stem

Don’t settle for boring black.


Enve M730 Wheelset

These custom wheels come with custom decals.


Karv Silicone Grips

Designed for comfort and control. Vibration damping grips made to perfection in the U.S.A.


Mallet DH 11

20% off this clip-in, flat pedal mash up from Crank Brothers.

$280.00   MSRP: $350.00

Narrow Wide Single Ring

Chain retention in stylish colors. As low as $24.99.

$27.99   MSRP: $59.99

Frame Protection

Protection and style for your frame. Learn more.


ODI Lock On Clamps

Add a touch of bling to your handlebars in a rainbow of colors.

$12.24   MSRP: $16.49

Oakley Holbrook

That bike’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.

$143.00   MSRP: $183.00
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  • Downhill Mike

    I think gold looking parts on the mountain bike would look silly. It’s like when I see a jeep on a fancy rims, looking all fancy like a low rider to me it looks funny. They both meant to get dirty and muddy so not sure if gold is a way to go.

    • Steve Parrish

      I’ve got an Intense Primer Bandit Edition that has a lot of gold parts and accents. The gold looks good and barely shows the dirt. (Not much mud in Phoenix anyway.)

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