Mountain bike bloggers: when you hit the publish button, do you ever feel like you’re just throwing your carefully-crafted articles out into the wilderness of the world wide web where no one will ever read them?

Despite the fact that Singletracks.com is the #1 mountain bike blog on the internet, we know how you feel, because we have all been there at one point or another.

Enter the “Readings” forum.

“Readings” is a new sub-forum that we have created here at Singletracks.com as a safe place for you to share links to your original articles and for other people to find out about the many awesome mountain bike blogs out there on the internet. Whenever you hit “publish” on a new blog post, you can now surf over to Readings, start a new thread, and share a link to your latest masterpiece.

This will provide several benefits:

  1. It will help you get new readers for your blog.
  2. It will provide an SEO boost, for those of you who are interested in that thing. 😉
  3. It will help provide great information and entertainment for the members of the Singletracks community.

Obviously, there are a couple of rules that apply, but we’re trying to make it as easy as possible for you to share all of the great content that you create!

And why are we doing this? Well, you know, sharing is caring. :)Happy reading and writing everyone!

Creative Commons photo credit: Manic Street Preacher.

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  • Bubblehead10MM

    Well there’s the weekly features of Cinema Sunday and Week in Review PODs. The guys who built a launch ramp starting on an old fire watch tower comes to mind.

    • Bubblehead10MM

      oppps commented on the wrong post.

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