New MTB trails in downtown Seattle

Seattle area riders have found an overlooked urban location for new mountain bike trails: under the interstate. Collonade Park is located under I-5 and boasts trails built using thousands of volunteer hours over the last couple years. Read the full article and check out the amazing photos of what has been done in a clearly …

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Forget Everest: Mountain bike race in Nepal

Oops, looks like we just missed this one: The first mountain bike race on the Tamrang heritage trails in Rasuwa, Nepal. Why should mountain climbers be the only ones who get to enjoy the Himalayas? Seems like a great chance to expand recreational tourism in the area, has anyone heard how this turned out?

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Sorry for the lack of news

If you’re worried we’ve abandoned the blog thing, have no fear! After an international excursion, the singletracks blog will be back to daily updates starting next week. As it turns out French and German kezboards are tough to tzpe on and some of the letters are mixed up 🙂 More to come soon…

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Womens mountain bike camps

Women’s mountain bike camps and clinics popping up all over the country. IMBA is teaming up with Dirt Series by Rocky Mountain bikes at two special camps in Hood River, OR and Park City, UT. Brush up on your technique, master new stunts AND make some new friends at these weekend camps. Rocky Mountain is …

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24 Solo mountain bike movie

Movies about mountain biking are usually pretty predictable. Start with an interview/profile of a tatted up rider, show him/her do some gnarly jumps, and end with “outtakes” of said rider taking some nasty falls. Score the film with a little punk or heavy metal and you’ve got yourself a legitimate mountain bike movie ready for …

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Riding with your Dog

I agree with Kevin on his thoughts on riding with dogs. I have an energetic 95 lb shepard-lab mix, Jackson, as my running buddy (personal trainer might be more appropriate) but I have way too many concerns about taking him riding on the trails with me. Jackson can run 3-4 miles no problem but once …

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Free mountain bike video game

If you’re a gamer wanna-be but would rather spend $300 on bike bling than on a wii, check out this free mountain bike video game. It’s full of precarious drops and tricks, and larger than life energy pills to prevent that dreaded bonk. Thanks to Go Clipless for sharing this addictive game.

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Douthat trip not all that

I added Douthat State Park in Virginia to my trail wishlist about two years ago when a friend said the trails there were better than Tsali. The Mountain Bike Virginia Falconguide seemed to confirm it and I even heard people refer to Douthat as “Mountain Bike Disneyland.” After almost a week of rain, wind, and …

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