Retro Riding, or Mountain biking for Luddites

For some time now, I’ve been converting a Nirve Fifty-Three cruiser into a “Klunker”. This is the result. Our entire sport was founded upon the Klunkers, which were fashioned from scrounged bits from other bicycles, motorcycles & ice-cream carts. The founders of mountain biking’s scavenging provided fat knobby tires, brakes, handlebars, and most importantly, derailleurs. …

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Candidates as bikes

Here’s something I ran across the other day and I thought I’d share it here. I’m disappointed none of the candidates was equated with a mountain bike – too bad dubaya isn’t running this time around, he’d definitely be a mountain bike 😉 Who’s a mountain biker to vote for?

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Mountain bike news: Off-road triathlon, New Tahoe dirt, MTB race in South Africa

A few mountain bike news items to peruse this morning: Mountain biker wins Xterra off-road triathlon World Championship: 24-year-old Spanish mountain biker Ruben Ruzafa won the Xterra World Championship off road triathlon in Maui this weekend besting the second place finisher by just 34 seconds. Ruzafa was relatively unknown amongst the field of competitors and …

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Most expensive bike. Ever.

These days it seems like there are few safe places to put your money – the stock market sucks, houses aren’t selling, and even the price of oil is falling. Fortunately Aurumania has just the thing for the investor or the biker who has it all: a gold plated and crystal encrusted bike. Every visible …

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UK High School Gets Mountain Bike Track

Temporary MTB short track set up for Sea Otter Classic. How cool is this: Bannerman High in Baillieston, Scotland just opened a $65K mountain bike track for students to hone their skills on campus. I don’t know about you but at my high school it was a big deal just to get a 1/4 mile …

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