Jackass Number 2: Bike stunts

Rocket bike

If you saw Jackass Number 2 you no doubt remember the rocket bike stunt first attempted by Johnny Knoxville (photo below) and subsequently perfected by BMX superstar Matt Hoffman. But to me, the funniest bike stunt actually involved old fashioned high wheel bicycles (aka penny farthing bikes). These old bikes have always fascinated me and …

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Snow bike

Mountain bike in the snow

Forget using zip ties to increase your traction; why not get one of these babies! I first read about this on the RockyRoadUk blog and I really got excited when I checked out the Ktrax site. It isn’t obvious from the photos but apparently the front ski and rear track are actually removeable so you …

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The clipless pedal debate rages on

Mountain bike pedals

I’ve been skimming a number of cycling-related blogs lately and it seems like there is alot of recent talk about clipless pedals. Now I find myself weighing in on the subject, guess this is just how “news” travels in the blog age… I’ve been a big fan of clipless pedals for years now and I …

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Singletracks subscriptions $5 off

We’re holding a winter sale on subscriptions right now, $5 off our trail, training, and full subscription packages. Purchase your membership now and enjoy access to premium content like mountain bike trail maps, elevation profiles, and GPS data for the entire year. Use the premium training log to keep track of your New Years resolutions …

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Klunkerz mountain bike movie


Have you heard about this mountain bike documentary? The film is being screened in Park City, UT this week and is set to play in Santa Barbara, CA and Durango, CO later this year. Klunkerz follows the history of mountain biking and has interviews with all the big guys: Breeze, Richey, Fisher, et al. The …

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Mountain bike as weapon

Apparently a homeless guy near Alexandria, VA was using his mountain bike as a weapon to attack cyclists near National airport. The short article says the guy “swung his bike by the handlebars and seat near National Airport on July 10, knocking at least one other rider off his bike.” Up to 15 other riders …

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Mountain bike hall of fame

MTB Hall of Fame

Leah and I visited the mountain bike hall of fame in Crested Butte, Colorado a few years back after riding the famed Trail 401 just outside of town. We weren’t quite sure we were in the right place at first, the hallowed hall of fame actually resides in a single room at the back of …

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Mountain bike trail art

Bike tree

If you’ve been mountain biking for a while you’ve probably seen it on one of the local trails: mountain bike art. Maybe it’s a gnarley looking tree that’s been decorated with discarded bike parts or even a trailhead info sign plastered with colorful stickers. We used to have a photo of a tree in Hawaii …

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USA Cycling mountain bike calendar

USA Cycling has come out with the first annual national mountain bike calendar and I couldn’t be more stoked. The calendar has 53 events in 3 categories (cross-country, gravity, and ultra-endurance) and gives pro mountain bikers the chance to earn points toward an overall title to be awarded at the end of the season. I’m …

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