Mudhunny and I finally got a chance to check out the Forks Area Trail System (FATS) just outside Augusta, GA this past weekend and we were seriously impressed. After riding the Stevens Creek and Horn Creek trails for years we didn’t expect to see many (any) riders out at the trailhead on Saturday morning but …

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What makes a trail a trail?

A commenter on a recent blog post asked an interesting question: what makes a mountain bike trail a distinct trail? That is, if a single area (like Tsali in NC or Buffalo Creek in CO) has multiple trails, is each trail a distinct trail worthy of its own listing on singletracks? This is a question …

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IMBA: Support Mountain Biking at TVA Sites (Southeast)

Via recent IMBA email: The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), a major landholder in the Southeast, is revising its management policies at several sites with popular mountain biking trail systems. Affected trails include those at Fontana, Hiwassee and Tanasi, an IMBA Epic. Specifically, TVA is soliciting public comment on appropriate recreation uses on public lands along …

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Mountain bike valet

Here’s a new one (to me anyway): valet parking for your mountain bike. Apparently the Iowa Outdoor Wellness Adventure (I.O.W.A.) offered valet bike parking at their debut event last week. Bikers exchanged their bikes for a claim ticket while volunteers “parked” the bikes in a secure area. I dunno, for some reason I would still …

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Mountain bike orienteering (MTBO)

Mountain bikers looking to add a mental challenge to their rides should check out mountain bike orienteering, a sport that is popular in the UK and Australia. I just came across some info about an upcoming event and I found out there’s even a national governing body for mountain bike orienteering in the United Kingdom. …

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New DH trails at Keystone this summer


Strap on your body armor, Keystone just added 6 new downhill trails to the resort this summer including one run called “Money” that features 22 tabletop jumps. There’s also a new 18-foot wooden corkscrew that I gotta see to believe, unfortunately I haven’t been able to find pics. Lift tickets are $30 for the day …

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Money talks, hikers walk

The Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz (MBOSC) have an interesting plan for gaining access to more trails: tourism. The group argues that by making Santa Cruz a world class mountain bike destination, tourism dollars will flow into the area helping everyone from hoteliers and restauranteurs to city tax authorities. The trail access debate generally focuses …

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Singletracks socks are hot


The singletracks socks just arrived on Friday and I gotta say they’re pretty sweet. For those of you who pre-ordered socks, look for your order to arrive early this week. While the pre-sale is *officially* over we’re extending the offer through this Friday, June 22 (also the last day for the Sweetskinz contest). If you …

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Singletracks is moving

Some behind-the-scenes changes are coming to singletracks over the summer and we want to keep y’all in the loop. First off, we’re moving to a dedicated internet server to keep up with increasing demand. We’ll keep downtime to a minimum and for the most part you shouldn’t notice any changes but there may be some …

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