Marin Rift Zone XC7 29er Review

Last week at Outdoor demo I rode a Marin Rift Zone XC7 29er and found it to be a worthy competitor in the FS 29er space. Marin places the Rift Zone XC7 roughly in between an XC and Trail bike and based on the ride and geometry I’d say the bike leans much more heavily …

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Yeti SB95 FS 29er Review

At the Interbike Outdoor Demo there was no shortage of full suspension 29ers to test, though the Yeti SB95 definitely stood out. With 5 inches of front and rear travel and the legendary Yeti brand, this was one 29er I had to ride. After waiting more than an hour for a size XL bike I …

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The Mountain Bikes of Interbike 2011

While the other MTB sites focus on the “booth babes” and “girls of Interbike,” we thought we’d do something different and focus on the mountain bikes (weird, we know). Here are just a few bikes we found ourselves drooling over at the show. Santa Cruz Blur TR. Carbon, 5 inches of travel, 26″ wheels.

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Ride Report: Dyke Trail, Crested Butte, CO

After an mellow morning ride on the Lower Loop in Crested Butte, we returned to our campsite at the Oh-Be-Joyful campground for some lunch and a well-deserved break. Since it was our first full day in Crested Butte, I wasn’t about to let a full afternoon go by without getting at least one more ride …

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Giant Anthem X FS 29er Review

Branding is a powerful thing. Most of us don’t want to admit it or perhaps we’re not even aware of it but when it comes to mountain bikes, something as simple as a name can influence our opinion about a bike. Admittedly my perception of Giant mountain bikes has been that they’re heavy and clunky …

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Surly Moonlander Mountain Bike Review

These days the trend seems to be toward fatter and fatter mountain bike tires and no one is pushing the envelope more than Surly. By now you’ve probably seen the Pugsly but this year the company is taking things to a whole new level with the Moonlander. At first glance the Moonlander looks like a …

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Trek Rumblefish FS 29er Review

The Trek Rumblefish is a beautiful mountain bike with clean lines, modern hydroformed tubing, asymmetrical chainstays, and hot graphics that I had to ride during my time at Interbike. Like the other Gary Fisher 29er descendents, the Rumblefish has a reputation for being a solid big wheel bike with excellent handling characteristics. The 2012 Rumblefish …

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