Over a Beer: The Moab Migration

Photo: Aaron Chamberlain

Editor’s Note: “Over a Beer” is a regular column written by Greg Heil. While Greg is the Editor in Chief for Singletracks.com, any opinions expressed in this column are his alone and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Singletracks.com. Every spring there comes a time when my Instagram and Facebook feeds change dramatically. Some years …

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Is the IMBA Chapter Program Right for Your Club? Analyzing the Pros and Cons

Photo: Jackson W Moody

The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) has been evaluating all aspects of its chapter program since losing its Subaru sponsorship last May. Chapters have been involved in the process through discussions, surveys, and conference calls since November’s World Summit. Recently IMBA announced changes to the program, “Chapter 3.0 Elements,” and hopes to have the new …

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Trail Sabotage: A Cautionary Tale from Dakota Ridge in Denver

This is "the" jump, known to many as the PUSH jump, which looks like the gates of Hell until you drop off of it and realize how smooth it is.

What should be one of our biggest pet peeves in the sport of mountain biking is altering trails, something I mentioned in my article about Trail Fouls. Surprisingly, if you read the comments, not everyone shares that sentiment. Don’t alter trails people! Simply moving a few things around for any reason can be dangerous for …

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Everything You Need to Know About Mountain Biking and Visiting Pisgah National Forest

Pisgah National Forest Mountain Biking

The Pisgah National Forest is renowned as the premiere mountain bike destination in the Southeastern United States, and is truly one of the best places to mountain bike the world over. Comprising over 500,000 acres of land, the Pisgah National Forest is a massive swath of wild forest with hundreds of miles of trails and an …

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How to Ride Like a Jerry: Follow These 12 (Terrible) Rules!


Y’all know what I’m talking about. Those “rare birds” on the trail, well… just taking up the trail, suspiciously lazy with no matchy-matchy attire. Terrible at their sport (and likely questionable at daily life duties), they are the Ronnie Mac’s of mtb, goonin’ all day long. No one understands why these exaggeratingly awkward riders exist, but when encountered, they possess …

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