Our Favorite (and Most Outrageous) Singletracks Trail Reviews


Singletracks has been collecting mountain bikers’ trail reviews for nearly two decades now, which is pretty hard to believe. Even more unbelievable are some of the things Singletracks trail reviewers are saying–just take a look at some of our favorite quotes! This hiker seems to want to pick a fight When hikers and mountain bikers share …

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Watch: Tramontana

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 2-2

Tramontana [tramon?ta?na] it’s a cold and dry wind blowing from the north Europe towards Italy, carrying snow and frigid temperature. In ancient times the Latin word tr?nsmont?nus (tr?ns- + mont?nus) indicated what was beyond the mountains, unknown, barbaric and dangerous. “Tramontana” is a journey through human ancestral fears and primordial virtues of the fire, the …

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Why You Should Keep Singletrack Single

At the very top of a short, gnarly descent known to locals as the Chutes, located in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve. Because the original line is harder, a cheater line developed.

Dirt church is built upon a singular entity: the trails we ride. To the mindful many, desecration of the very substance that keeps us engaged with the present and motivated to improve in life is sacrilege. It goes back to why we choose to mountain bike in the first place: the challenge, the freedom, the personal …

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Watch: Ibis Launches 3rd Generation Ripley

All photos courtesy Ibis Cycles

Ibis has just launched the third generation of their Ripley 29er trail bike. The bike still sports 130mm of travel up front and 120mm in the rear. One of the biggest changes is added clearance for larger tires. The Ripley can now accept up to 29×2.6″ Schwalbe tires or 29×2.5″ Maxxis tires. While it’s not …

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Watch: Ripping Steep, Techy Descents on Transition’s New Hardtails

Photo: Kevin Menard, courtesy of Transition Bicycles.

Transition is introducing two new carbon hardtails to their line: the Throttle with 27.5″ wheels and the Vanquish with 29″ wheels. Despite being carbon hardtails, Transition is still sticking to their ongoing goal of creating fun bikes that descend aggressively. As such, both of these bikes are true trail bikes and are more than capable …

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Yurting and Mountain Biking on Utah’s Gooseberry Mesa

DSC_0429 (1)

Several hundred feet below us, red dust obscured our view of the helicopter.  The whop-whop-whop of rotors whirling drowned out the sound of our conversation, and we all fell into a companionable silence.  We didn’t mind the halted discussion about our ride plans—our mouths were consumed with burritos and beer. Our visit to Southern Utah’s …

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