Stop Asking for Easy: A Manifesto for Doing Hard Things Voluntarily

Marcel Hagener and Simone Maier, Red Bull Defiance Adventure Race, New Zealand. Photo: Graeme Murray/Red Bull Content Pool

Editor’s Note: “Over a Beer” is a regular column written by Greg Heil. While Greg is the Editor in Chief for, any opinions expressed in this column are his alone and do not necessarily represent the opinions of If our American culture has one fatal flaw, it is our obsession with comfort. In almost every aspect of the …

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Five2Ride: Five of the Best MTB Trails in New York

photo: kellyrides

New York is known as the Empire State, due in large part to the state’s influence in US business, culture, and industry. But New York is also quietly building a singletrack empire, one that’s based on high quality, accessible mountain bike trails located throughout the state. As the largest northeastern US state, New York boasts multiple mountain ranges and vast wild areas begging for mountain …

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5 Days of the Southeast’s Best Trails: The 2017 Pisgah Stage Race

Pisgah-Stage-Race-Day-4_3-1200x795 (1)

Blue Ridge Adventure’s 9th annual Pisgah Stage Race will be held in Brevard, North Carolina, April 10-15 (2017). Over five stages, racers will cover 140 miles of legendary Pisgah singletrack and gain more than 20,000 feet of elevation. Of course, there will be some fire road to connect the trails, but the organizers claim that 75% of …

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A Dozen Cosmic Climbs to Attempt in 2017

After the lush Ape Canyon climb, the hill continues toward Mt. St. Helens on the Plains of Abraham (photo:JWanamaker)

We recently published a list of some of mountain biking’s greatest descents, because it’s what we all look forward to. Gravity is fun… well at least it’s fun when our wheels are pointed down. But what about when out wheels are pointed up? Then gravity’s not so swell, is it? Ahh, but it can be. Mountain biking …

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How to Improve Your MTB Life: Attend a Training Camp

One of several rides through the urban desert mountains of Phoenix during the week-long training camp, building both skills and camaraderie.

Mountain biking is an amazingly diverse sport. Complementing the plethora of styles and terrain, the motives to participate in cycling are equally varied. Many of us are recreational riders, dabbling in the race scene here and there, cultivating our own unique experience as life permits. Others take to racing on a more serious level by …

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Trail Runner Impaled By a “Deliberately-Planted Spike”

A spike booby trap found at Buffalo Creek in Colorado. Photo: Tim Fishback

We’ve reported about trail booby traps many times in the past, and often the argument has arisen in the comments section that spike-based booby traps are likely to be much more dangerous and damaging for hikers or horseback riders than they would be for mountain bikers. This generally-accepted hypothetical argument has unfortunately moved from the realm of …

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