Frofox was filming a little urban mountain bike sesh in France when he dropped down a steep set of starts, only to find a group of people sitting at the bottom. Watch as he deftly avoids running overtop of them!

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    • Jeff Barber

      Oh bummer! Found another one to sub in. 🙂

  • CTYankee

    Kudos to him for stopping and apologizing. Sadly can’t say all (most?) most would have.

  • stumpyfsr

    Rider did a great job by braking hard and avoiding people instead of panicking and doing sudden moves, which could potentially cause crash and injuries. I was in similar situation on downhill trail, barely avoided family with two kids sitting on the trail behind a crest

  • Rogueshoten

    I’m a little surprised that nobody…neither Singletracks nor any of the comments…make note of the fact that the biker was at fault for not having someone clear the route. It’s outdoor stairs, in Europe…people sit on them all the time. What isn’t normal about this situation is the mountain bike. It’s all very nice how he was skilled about avoiding them, but he started the whole situation in the first place. And for Singletracks to refer to this as “a little mountain bike sesh” is the kind of attitude that gives us all a bad name.

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