Sorry Tom, heal up buddy. I am not much of a click-bait guy, but I had to share this epic crash. Doctor Park in sub-optimal light with fellow Yeti racer, Tom Sampson. #Followcamfriday broken bones and hospital visit edition. #MakePOVgreatAgain.

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  • PinhotiPlayground

    Ouch! Something like that nearly happened to me not too long ago, but the fallen tree was a little closer to the ground, and I was able to hop over it.

  • mongwolf

    Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! And still standing. Way to hang Tom. I’m amazed that more us do not get moderately to seriously hurt during mtb crashes — broken bones like Tom or more. Just yesterday we were flying down a mountain slope just north of Ulaanbaatar, and the mountain god decided to slam one of our buddies to the ground. He hit hard, really hard, but escaped with just a couple of bruises forming. When I saw it happen, I thought for sure we were going to carry him out (no evac service in Mongolia), but instead, he rode a few more hours in big terrain with no issues.

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