Pro downhiller Phil Kmetz sets out to discover whether or not a cheap Walmart Special Huffy can survive a legit, double black diamond downhill mountain bike trail.


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    • John Fisch

      Yeah — 55lbs? What’d they fill the steel tubing with lead?

      “Huffy did a great job . . . keeping up with the latest mountain bike trends.”

      Like linear pull brakes and a 3×7 drivetrain!

      What’s particularly amusing is that Huffy themselves apparently don’t know that a hardtail and a full suspension bike are two different things. From their web page:

      “Durable hard tail steel frame designed for a great ride”

    • Greg Heil

      But, but it has 27.5+ tires!!! It’s gotta be awesome!!!

  • Robbie Eastman

    huffy are junk they only thing good about them is if don’t ride most of the time and as far their ok but for the long their juck

  • Jeff Barber

    This is definitely entertaining, though not surprising. This isn’t a DH bike and it definitely isn’t designed with pro riders like Phil in mind.

    Two more tests I would be interested in seeing: an beginner to intermediate rider taking this bike on an intermediate XC trail. My guess is the bike would hold up ok but would be exhausting.

    The second test I’d like to see is how a slightly more expensive bike from a major brand like Trek or Specialized would hold up under the same conditions (DH trail ridden by pro rider.) I’m guessing those bikes would have problems too because, like the Huffy, they aren’t designed for that kind of impact.

  • Shinobi

    Lmao. Huge props on this one to ya phil. That bike sounded like it was a small animal getting slowly stomped to death on its way down the trail. Brave soul you are. I would like to see the video of you returning it to Walmart. You could tell em the trail rated sticker is BS. LOL

  • Zachary Abelardo

    Don’t let Huffy ever see this video…..they might begin an aggressive ad campaign and possibly sign Phil onboard Team Huffy World Cup…

  • Mike Galbreath

    All I saw was Huffy and had to read.
    Took me back to being a kid again.
    The bike needs the big fat 14″ cushion seat i remember.
    ….and maybe the MotoX number plate on the front handlebars.
    Ive long since graduated from Huffy.
    Fun Video However.

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