In light of the controversy about our recent statistic that 38% of mountain bikers, somehow, are still running tubes, we thought you guys might find GMBN’s latest video entertaining. In this vid, Neil goes through the Whistler lift line and conducts an informal poll to see who’s running tubes, and who’s tubeless.

Spoiler Alert: GMBN found a radically higher percentage of people running tubes in the Whistler lift line than we found in our poll. Of the 100 people they surveyed, 78% were running tubes! Granted, they only talked to 78 and we gathered data from over 4,000, so their limited sample size could play into the difference.

However, it is worth noting that on a downhill bike, it’s much easier to run a bombproof tubed setup than on an XC or trail bike, because you can run extra-strength heavy-duty tubes that weigh a ton, but aren’t going to really penalize you in the DH park. But if you have to pedal that bike up hill? Ultra-heavy DH tubes are immediately noticeable, even over standard tubes. And compared to tubeless? Well, there’s no comparison!

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  • Highlander944@hotmail.co

    These polls are interesting however the results are absolutely inconclusive. This would be like walking into a college fair and taking a survey to see how many people are considering going to college! Let’s face it, people riding Whistler bike park are not your average mountain biker. People who read singletracks daily aren’t your average biker.

    The conclusion of these polls should say something more like, 70% of hard core mountain biker’s run tubeless, because the sample group polled are certainly not just mountain biker’s.

    • k2rider

      I was shocked with the original ST poll that found that 38% of respondents were still running tubes. That probably has to do withe the fact that EVERYBODY in my circles of friends runs tubeless. That being said, I’m not shocked at all that most people riding lifts at Whistler are running tubes…along with the bulletproof 1200+ gram tires that *most* riders won’t even consider putting on their bike.

      I know I’m lucky to be able to ride as much as I want but my *guess* based on what I see at our local neighborhood trail (you know, the one most out easily accessible to a million plus and surrounded by tract homes) is that your “average” mountain biker rides a 3-5 year old $1500 bike once a week…if he has nothing else going on that day. I can see 38% of them, or more, running tubes and having no desire to do otherwise.

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