Meet 14 year old Joey Foresta (@joeymtb) shredding his local trails in Park City, Utah. What were you riding when you were fourteen? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • Mr Mojo Risin

    Easy to shred like that when you are 14 and likely haven’t experienced true pain yet, that mixed with the fact that when you do get hurt, you heal twice as fast. Wrecked my shoulder back in June and it’s still not fully healed.

    • Greg Heil

      Oh really? Send us the video of you shredding like this at the age of 14, and we’ll get it posted up!

    • steviejimaging

      It’s never easy to shred like this. Ever. And, furthermore, Kris Kovarik still shreds harder than this. He’s 37 and has been banged up plenty of times. Age doesn’t have much to do with it.

    • michelito

      Plus when you get hurt at fourteen, and can’t go to school, that’s just fun. When you can’t work and your revenue drops it hurts even more.

      That being said, kid is good.
      Might help that he’s riding on a 10K bike with Enve wheels…

    • Scott Ryan

      I experienced true pain as a 14 year old. High school girls are the worst. Bones heal. Heart break is forever….

  • Jeff Barber

    I can’t tell if people are kidding with these negative comments. This kid appears to be faster and more talented than most of us, myself included. Not to worry if you are/were faster than him… we’re not talking about you. 🙂

  • Don Myers

    I didn’t even know mountains bikes even existed in 1986 (did they?). Back then I was riding dirt bike trails on a well-used Huffy type ten-speed street bike. I had fun with what I had, and would have loved to have had something like that bike back then. I’d love to have one now! That kid can ride circles around me in any case.

  • Dylan

    I’m 13 right now and I would love to do that (or at least try) but sadly I live in flat Wisconsin so I have to stick to XC mountain biking

  • aminnow

    What was I riding when I was 14? A Schwinn Stingray in the back hills of San Diego County. Picture the intro of the movie, ” On Any Sunday” with the kids on their bicycles. We had butterfly handle bars that would bend, and banana seats that would break on hard landings. I love how the sport has progressed, both in technology and the tremendous athleticism as seen in Joey.

  • Skills With Phil

    Lots of arm chair coaches. Joey is one the most talented riders in the world right now. He won Sea Otter dual slalom (in pro) a few years back which is arguably one of the most competitive slalom races. Also having met him he’s one of the nicest down to earth riders, no ego just smiles.

  • Troy H

    Seriously? What was I riding? A Schwinn Stingray Banana seat junker… This kids got skills!

  • Hap Proctor

    Had ridden hundreds of horses by the time I was 14, but never rode bikes much until almost 50 years later. My bikes have caused much more pain……but I don’t have to clean the trailer when I get home.

  • Pgoldsmith

    This kid is unreal! At 14 I took my Dad’s fully rigid mountain bike out to join my friends circa 2000. Then bought myself a graduation present after college and have been hooked ever since riding Specialized Cambers & Stumpys. I’ve had a few crashes and have been padding up for rides ever since.

  • Mt Biker

    I am 15 and I wish I could ride like that. I am just riding a 2015 specialized hardrock 26. I wish I had a bike like that.

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