“Mountain biking is for everyone. You can be slow, you can be fast, you can be experienced, you can want a new challenge, you can simply want to be around friends. Whatever you want to get out of it, mountain biking gives more in return. Whatever level of ability, mountain biking changes lives.

The National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) is the governing body for middle and high school mountain biking in the United States. The idea is that mountain biking can be about more than athletics, and NICA believes in helping student athletes develop strong bodies, minds, and characters.

In 2016, Trek donated $1 million to NICA. You can make a difference. To learn how you can volunteer or start a team or league in your community, visit nationalmtb.org.” -Trek

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  • mongwolf

    It’s sooooo cool to see what is happening for youth through mountain biking. So many good values being instilled into their lives, and they are having an awesome time in the process.

  • Werner Vlok

    So inspirational, I love nothing more about mountain biking than to see how it changes lives and forges healthy friendships. I’ve witnessed the transformational power of the sport!
    Great video!

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