Maybe you’re injured, or maybe you have been. Perhaps you’re planning on getting injured in the near future. Whatever the case, this video is for you. We’ll go over some tips for staying sane while spending time off the bike, so you can return to the trails a wiser more prepared mountain biker.

If you didn’t see, my last video I ended up with a broken clavicle and fractured scapula.

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  • Scrappper

    9 1/2 weeks since I crashed and broke some ribs. Ribs aren’t much of a problem anymore, until I try and stretch. But, now that the ribs don’t bother me and I can move/work a lot more freely, I’ve discovered how badly I hurt my left shoulder when I landed. Brandon (my Chiropractor/RMT/Strength and Conditioning Specialist) tells me that I’ve likely torn a muscle or two, and have something that’s getting pinched with certain movements. Long story short, my shoulder hurts! A push-up type movement is super bad. So, I’m off the bike till that doesn’t hurt anymore. 🙁

    But…. I don’t have to crush my helmet!

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