We all crash sometimes… and some more than others. But these are Neil’s top tips on how to avoid the most common reasons for crashing on your Mountain Bike.

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  • cogman60

    I feel your pain brother but stick with the flats you will find them much safer in the exact situations you describe. I went to flats after suffering yet another kid on tricycle fall in an uphill rock garden and breaking the same rib that had just healed from the last fall. No bueno No mas! I got some good tips on using flats that have helped me get better.
    1. Lower your seat about 1/2 inch this made a big difference for me
    2. Use more the center of your foot on the pedal than the toe (I find I move around with my position but that is the point right)
    3. toes down for climbing, heels down for descending and weight the outside pedal in corners
    4. learn to bunny hop
    5. Stay with flats only for at least a month
    These all have helped me Good Luck and Safe rides!

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