Join in on all of the 1×12 rumor discussion, here.

To move forward, we’re saying goodbye to the past.

Our 1x drivetrains have simplified shifting and improved mountain biking for riders of every level of skill and experience, everywhere they ride. Because of 1x, frame and suspension designs are restricted only by imagination. With 1x, the future of mountain biking is limitless.

This is the future, from the company that lives 1x.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 9-fd

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  • habakak

    ‘Merica! F**k yeah! I don’t miss my mtb FD for a single minute. It was a hack. 1x are relatively new. Compared to 3x, or any drivetrain with a FD. It will evolve to do what a 3x setup could do and more with less of the issues, limitations and duplication. It seems that 1×12 can already. Hooray! For those who so choose, there will still be FD’s for a while.

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