In today’s video, we talk about how to smash downhill sections, and why certain riders are able to gain so much ground on others. We also talk about three things you can do on your mountain bike which will keep your downhill game strong.

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  • paulman1

    Hi there!
    thanks for giving the chance to comment!
    So…in theory….but so difficult to put them all in practice

    1. keep your head up
    2. turn with your knee and your head
    3. don’t stare on obstacles
    4. enter wide into turns
    5. Look for clean and straight lines
    6. set your speed early to stay off the brakes
    7. relax on rough terrain

  • shannonhoyle68

    Hi all
    These are the things that helped me increase my speed
    Start small work up to big downhill runs
    Learn the basics on small features and stuff you can session over and over to get use to how the bike and you move through the feature. That way you have the confidence you’ll need when you start to push the limits and have to get yourself out of something you’ve attempted.
    Earned confidence is real confidence
    The other big thing to control your speed is to drop your wrists and heels so you stay inside the bike and balanced naturally
    When things get steep or roudy RELAX
    Practice practice practice
    That my two cents
    Ride hard Ride long Ride to live

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