Today, the trail gods exact their revenge on us for shuttling. Most of us have shuttled before, but new riders may not even realize that it’s sometimes discouraged. I thought a lighthearted approach to the topic would be a good way to start a discussion. Where is it okay? When is it okay? Is it ever okay? Duke it out below!

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  • mikanada

    I recently spent a day riding in Nagano. Shuttles played a part, and fortunately it was guided. I’d have liked to spend more time climbing, but the elevation and trails didn’t lend themselves to this.
    If I were to do it over, I’d probably spend 3 days, and spend less time being shuttled.

    The greatest amount of elevation I have ever done is ~235 meters in one go, and I am looking to beat this.
    My takeaway – it was fantastic. Without the shuttle I wouldn’t have had nearly as good a time on a one-day adventure.

  • mongwolf

    Sorry, from the video one could never conclude that the shuttle road was not a “moderately technical road”. Narrow yes. Moderately technical no. From the looks of it on the video, I would suspect that it is actually quite maintained. But that’s beside the point. Well done video and entertaining. More to the topic, I do little shuttling any more, but who is to say if others should shuttle or not shuttle. Total non-issue to me.

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