Picking up where we left off in last weeks’ episode, Krunk and James try to break things on UPS and LPS. Pay attention, Krunk falls down. #followcamfriday. Stay tuned next week as we ride the best part of TWE..

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  • Gdb49

    Asking this as nice as this question can be asked. Who the F is this guy? He travels around riding some of the best trails I’ve ever seen and his skills are ridiculous. I ride a lot and it does look anything like that. Not to mention the guys he rides with- who the hell are they? These can’t be ordinary guys, just to damn good.
    Sometimes it looks like he is riding trails blind and just trusting his partner to get the speeds right to clear some pretty hairy jumps and drops. Is this right or does he pre-ride these trails? Some of them it is obvious he has ridden, but I can’t believe he can hit some of those obstacles without seeing them first. Crazy!!!
    So, back to the original question, who the F is this guy?

    • cgreen5150

      He’s a Pro rider and coach. Google + Nate Hills is your friend!

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