Some people refuse to go to bike shops, and others will shame you for buying online. Where’s the middle ground? In this video, Seth attempts to bring some sensible moderation to the issue.

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  • vapidoscar

    Good stuff. I still haven’t found a store that is worth going back to. I usually go to buy something cheap and check out the store (service, bikes, etc.).

    Needed to buy a tube and went to the store by the school I teach at. I teach Tuesday and Thursday so of course they are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Not going to get my business that way. Also don’t carry any mountain bikes (boo). Had to borrow my daughter’s front wheel and promptly flatted that during my group ride.

    Needed to buy an axle. So I went to a shop that had some bike brands that other stores don’t. As I am poking around, another guy comes in for a repair and the owner tells the customer that it would be a week before he could look at it. Then goes on this “woo is me” story of having a cue of 18 bikes to fix and when he gets them done more come in. Then proceeds to get an axle out of a grubby drawer. I wouldn’t have bought but wife insisted that I need it, he had it and it was awkward to just leave. But, hey, I don’t have to go back.

    The list goes on. From outrageously priced bikes to no stock of common parts (like chains). randombikeparts.com has been the beneficiary of my experience with the local stores. 2 bikes (for the price of 1 of the same bike in the store – daughter and I have matching single speed MTBs), chain, freewheel, accessories and, yes, tubes.

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