“Riding the high country classic, Wheeler to Miners Creek. Topping out at 12,600ft, this section of the Colorado Trail has one of my all time favorite descents. #FollowCamFriday with William Cadham, Mason Bond, Mark Taylor, and Ben Forbes.” -Nate Hills


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  • Gdb49

    Where is this trail on ST? Not finding this section under Wheeler or Miner’s.

    • Greg Heil

      I think it might be listed under one of the Colorado Trail segments near Breckenridge… I need to dive deeper into the listings around Breckenridge and clean things up. Also, the wheeler trail should be listed.

      But whether or not we have .gpx data for this specific route is anybody’s guess.

      Regardless, this video was so rad, that I’ve added this trail to my list for this year! Need to make it happen!

    • mongwolf

      Isn’t this part of CT Segment #7? Gold Hill THD to Cooper Mountain.

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