Rebecca Rusch and Steve Fassbinder go for an adventure ride through the Bear Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante to understand the threats facing this unique landscape.

Rebecca Rusch Bears Ears Utah Mountain Biking Video

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  • BrokerDon

    Hmmm… Doesn’t designating an area as a “National Monument” or “Wilderness Area” close it to ALL forms or recreation EXCEPT hikers and equestrians… Thus banning mountain bikers?

    • Jeff Barber

      Wilderness, yes — bikes are banned. National Monuments, however, can be open to bicycles.

      In fact, IMBA routinely presses for areas to be protected via National Monument status rather than Wilderness. Here’s an example of that policy in action:


      I don’t think National Monuments are open or closed to bikes by default, just as there are plenty of National Forests with a mix of hiking-only and multi-use trails.

  • BrokerDon

    “National Monuments, however, can be open to bicycles.”

    The problem in designating any area as a National Monument is the “can be” part… which makes closure to EVERY other recreational entry EXCEPT hikers and equestrians. This effectively enables land managers or environmental groups to ban mountain bikers as well as other recreational users. Coincidentally this could include banning off highway vehicles (both street legal vehicles and ATVs) that use the dirt roads to access this area including the dirt road Rebecca was riding on in the video.

    The net result of these land “designations” are “public” lands that are exclusively available ONLY hikers and equestrians… effectively creating “private” lands using public money based on targeted “campaign contributions” including creating the maps in these “public” lands where the rest of us are allowed on our mountain bikes, Jeeps, ATVs, RVs, etc. THAT’S what has made me and MANY other recreational users sour on “National Monument”, “National Park” and “Wilderness” designations. Basically ONLY hikers benefit and the rest of us PAY taxes for their politically bought and paid for “Private” parks. DEPLORABLE

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