“Chris and Dai Stares riding a selection of Swansea’s trails from Clyne to Kilvey Hill with a cameo from Claudia.”

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  • Daul77

    Awesome video!
    The last 5 seconds is probably the best!

  • mongwolf

    I thought this was a waaaaay below average video until the very last scene. HILARIOUS. That is maybe my favorite mtb video scene of the year.

  • Kimcork

    Hmmm. Those question marks above were emoji dog footprints when I hit Post.

  • vjeran

    Last scene rocks!

    I do hope I will ride same as Chris at his age.

    Go veterans!

  • Sea Loam

    Well prob best video from start to finish- song, 58 yr old ripping , big dog, small dog. Damn it that hit me. So good.

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