Meet a rare breed of devoted racer: Stacy Kohut, the world’s fastest mountain biker on four wheels. Brought up in a drag racing family, as a grom Kohut rode full throttle into everything — BMX, skateboarding, motocross, ski racing. An accident on a swingset in 1992 nearly ended all that.

“I have a responsibility as a person in a wheelchair, with a ‘disability,'” says Crankworx Air Downhill race entrant and four-wheel category athlete Stacy Kohut, “to go out and lay down the hardest run I can.”

Today, Kohut credits those experiences for the athletic prowess needed to master the custom four-wheeled mountain bike of his own design. And as unique as his machine, Kohut is one of the most devout athletes to his sport. As Kohut prepared to compete in the 2016 Crankworx Air Downhill race — epically contested on the planet’s most-trafficked, expert-level jump trail, Whistler Bike Park’s crown jeweled A-Line — we tagged along for the ride.

More of Stacy’s Story HERE.

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  • rudva

    Wow!! Where can I geet one of those 4wheel bikes?? it’s just amazing!!!

  • fisherman8

    U rock Stacy. Have u ever thought about inspiring wounded vets through the wounded warrior program?

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