“Come for a ride on Jacksons in Moab with James Weingarten and Kyle Mears. As usual, jump everything. #FollowCamFriday” -Nate Hills

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 10-jackson

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  • Michael Paul

    I’ve seen Kyle ride and there is no way I could keep up with him, and neither can you (if you don’t believe me, check out the PRs for the Whole Enchilada and Porcupine Rim)…so taking that in context, these guys are flying. This trail is rad, and Rockstacker, which precedes it, is even tougher. My last memory of Jackson: staring at my buddy puking on the side of the trail from severe dehydration, staring at the river there reciting the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner in my head, rationing less than 6oz of water praying we’d make it back to our vehicle without passing out. Lesson: if you’re going to do Hymesa and Ahab twice, then tackle these trails, be off the trail early. Doing it in 95 degree heat in September is no bueno. Cheers Kyle…hope you are enjoying your winter riding. See ya in 3 weeks buddy.

  • k2rider

    I haven’t done Jackson’s or Rockstacker yet but based on the videos, I’ll agree with your assessment. Rock Stacker looks much sketchier. Based on this video of Jackson’s, I’ll have no hesitation riding it….albeit at a much mellower pace. Since I’ll be riding in one time, I’ll need to stop and enjoy the views as well.

  • Greg Heil

    Having ridden both Rockstacker and Jackson I agree: Rockstacker is way sketchier! However, Jackson is STILL no joke!

  • rajflyboy

    Doesn’t look like a whole lot of fun to me.

    Makes for great video ????

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