Phil Kmetz shows you how to have fun on your mountain bike without mountain bike trails. Whether the trails are currently too wet to ride, you have no good trails in your immediate area, or if you’re just looking to change it up, these are some great tips.

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  • C-Lo

    Pretty good advice. Never thought of an underpass as a rock garden.

    • PhilKmetz

      Some of them are more gnarly then others. This one was techy but the cracks were filled in with a lot more dirt. There was one on the other side of the river that was an ankle breaker with deep holes. I stayed away from that side.

  • onefastfattie

    Great topic man,
    this is how I grew up riding in my town. Though I grew up primarily on a BMX bike, all of the same rules apply to a mountain bike.
    I really appreciated the moment you took to speak on the unwritten rules of street riding. Especially the “Don’t cause damage” part. It kills me to see areas fenced off or modified to deter riding because some ass hat was tearing stuff up.
    Ride on man!

  • Dylan

    YES!!! One thing my friends and I love to do is simply find big hills at local parks and see if we can do anything stupid enough to be ear to ear grin fun 🙂

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