Are Hardtails fast? Neil and Scott put it to the test!

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  • Joel DH

    Heck ya, hardtails are fast. This was a really fair test, but I would like to see the courses for each test a little longer and more diverse. Pump track=hardtail, no surprise there. Downhill=dual-suspension, again no surprise. I was actually more impressed by the dual suspension bike than the hardtail on the XC test, because it was admitted in the video that there was more climbing in that course than downhill. Basically, hardtails are fun and fast, but for racing go full-suspension. Lines up with what I already thought.

  • habakak

    I like these guys, but these tests are kinda silly. People ride the bike that suits their style and most people have multiple bikes for different areas. No surprise, a HT is faster through a somewhat hilly course and a FS descends faster. The FS might have had a penalty on the pump track because it had plush sized knobby tires while the HT had much narrower and pretty smooth tires (also possibly running higher pressure).

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