YouTube is full of mountain bike tutorials, and by now most of us have seen one (or one hundred) videos about installing tubeless mountain bike tires. This one, however, is worth watching, even if you already know what you’re doing. Well done Matt and Jason!

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  • wareagle4130

    I was expecting something about the impossibility of seating some tires with just a floor pump (especially brand new tires). Nothing like that feeling of futility of pumping with one hand while using the other to try to get the tire to sit just right only to hear air just rushing out for about 5 minutes, and then, when the planets align just right, hearing the air not leaking and seeing the tire magically inflating. Then there’s the ride of shame to the gas station or local shop to use a compressor if all else fails.
    I naively brought a new tire to the TH once and thought I could get it changed out quickly. Ended up with a tube in it, then later at home pulled the tube out and the tire seated with ease with a pump. Maybe a trick I go back to next time I get a stubborn tire.
    Oh, and surprised it didn’t mention spraying some soapy water to help the bead pop in place. If nothing else it at least makes the popping in place less violent.

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