This was a classic, epic day on the bike with Alexander. We headed up to Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina off the Blue Ridge Parkway and started climbing.

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  • Timm Muth

    Sweet video, brothers! Props to you for just surviving that ride, as I don’t know anyone to challenge Pilot Rock and not come back humbled.

    And for that heinous climb up Laurel Mtn? In the ’90s, that used to be a beginner-level out and back, though there was always a lot of pushing. But a pair of hurricanes in the early 2000’s caused a bunch of landslides all over Pisgah. And one thing it revealed was all that incredible rock carnage you navigated on the way up. You saw how gnarly it was (kudos on the climbs, btw); the trip back down it is worth the effort, though it’s always tough to pass on Pilot Rock.

    Keep up the good work!

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