There are times in a MTBer’s year where the weather is so bad it’s good. Teeming with rain and blowing a hoolie. Is that a bit of driving sleet? Stuff your dusty trails and tan lines. We’re heading out anyway, just like Danny and Stu…

Note: Yes, riding wet trails is frowned upon in many places, but not generally in the UK where trails are constructed and maintained with wet conditions in mind.

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  • mongwolf

    It’s so cool to ride when the elements are making their presence known, but of course you should only do such on trails that are not damaged when wet. In Mongolia and on the Front Range of CO there are many trails that can be ridden when wet … … They have provided some of my favorite riding memories.

    • Jeff Barber

      What do you mean? He probably owns the whole forest. 🙂

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