Alf is an 82-year-old who started mountain biking at 70 years of age after recovering from cancer. This is his story.

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  • Curt Bird

    I am a 64 year old rider and have ridden XC trails for about 5.5 years and I agree completely. This is very inspiring. I was a competitive runner until my early 50s when a foot and knee injury ended my running competitively. Road riding after this helped but never once on the trail has a tree jumped out and hit me. Not true on the road where one bad encounter with a car left me with a broken wrist. You do not have to do huge jumps or take risks that you are not comfortable with. Just ride and ride as hard as you like. It really improved my health and has kept me fit and lean and very happy with my endurance and I also credit it in part for a complete recovery from acute late onset ulcerative colitis. Now I am a high school mountain bike race coach these past 5 years and my son, who got me into mountain biking originally, is a 19 yer old university XC racer. We enjoy family bike vacations and adventure and there is nothing but more outstanding time outside being vigorous as a result. Get out there and ride!

  • j_jbeck

    I’m 68 and expect to be riding for a long time. I just love being out and have no problem hike-a-biking sections that I might have ridden in days gone by. Still gettin’ ‘er dun!

  • Malio

    That’s great and he’s good rider! It just goes to show that you are in control of your own destiny. Inspiring.

  • gidani

    Awesome for sure. He rides really well. I am 68 and am in my 7th year with Parkinsons Disease. Still love mtn biking, especially downhill (blues and mild blacks) and dirt biking. Ex motorcyle roadracer and still need the rush I guess. 82 is inspiring.

  • mjd2k

    I’ll be 63 in a few weeks and have been mountain biking for about 5 years. Tried road biking but it’s a grind for me.
    I love that trails change every few feet so you’re never bored, especially if you keep trying new techniques or try for Personal Bests etc.
    The scenery and the ability to enjoy being imersed in nature is awesome!
    I had a few bad falls last year so I’m less aggressive and ride 27.5+ now. More stable and still have tons of fun
    Seeing him bike at 82 is inspiring. He’s not going crazy and he’s out on some gorgeous trails

  • axxman

    Inspirational. I am 50 and started riding again 3 years ago. I don’t plan on ever playing golf.

  • MTBposer

    Fantastic to think that at 45 and having been riding for about 6 years, 80% of my riding days can still be in the future.

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