At the age of 33 and after 3 kids, Kaylee Gibb decided it was a good time to flip her mountain bike. This video documents her first backflip to dirt.

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  • Chad Carlberg

    That’s awesome. And also gets me thinking…. For every Kaylee nailing that jump, I wonder how many are like: “dear lord, I just lift you up lord, all things I do I do through your strength, allow this jump to glorify you god, and i just praise your name for this beautiful planet Lord God. Give me the strength to put these gifts to work for you god and the courage to stick it. In your holy name… Ok. Here I go.” … Backflip. Crash. Traction. Drive wheelchair by blowing into a straw.

    Ok, now that I’ve said it, that gets me thinking… maybe there is a God. And she just has an awesome, sick sense of humor. I mean, eternity in heaven is plenty of time to get over a joke like that, right? Eventually you’ll be able to sidle up to God and laugh at being made a quadraplegic comic foil for his amusement.

  • seanccme

    I didnt Put all those “??’s” there. Meant to be a “????”

    • Jeff Barber

      I think that’s what happens to emoji. Will see if we can fix…

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