Here are ten of the most common mountain biking mistakes and how to solve them.

Tell us what mistakes YOU think are the most common in the comments below!


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  • FattyHeadshok

    The two biggest ones that are hardest to master is not lifting with your arms (it makes your shoulders hurt btw) and not picking up the back wheels with your legs! The quick back to front weight shift/hip pivot is really hard to get dialed because you only get milliseconds to actually practice it. Since it all depends on muscle memory, like any other repetitive body skill, you’ll do it wrong many times until you finally get it right that first time. Then you try and repeat that same action over and over again till your body automatically does it when trying to get over the big scary rock or whatever. However until the proper technique is committed to muscle memory your brain will revert to the bad more practiced technique when confronted with the additional stimulus of the big scary obstacle. So yeah, Mountain biking is mentally, spiritually and physically challenging. Which of course is what makes it so bad ass fun.

  • k2rider

    I’m with Fatty….those are definitely the two I’ve been guilty of for 25+ years and I had no idea I was doing it wrong. I knew other people did it much better than me but didn’t know exactly why that was. Now I do. I’ll have to start trying that technique out.

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