Mandil Pradhan has helped ride in, film, produce, and edit a number of fantastic professional mountain biking videos over the years, including “Colors of Kathmandu,”Himalayan High,” and more. However, in this latest video he’s done something entirely different, and has compiled footage solely from GoPro POV cameras. Still, this is Mandil Pradhan (and company) riding in the Himalayas… this isĀ not your average GoPro edit:

Nepal | Through my eyes from mandil on Vimeo.

(Watch the video here.)

Music: Home – Phillip Phillips
Post production: Gambhir Rajkarnikar
GoPro Handlers:
Barton Moore
Heather Cleveland
Rob Needham
Rajesh Magar
Dave Whale
Ricky Buckenlei
Louis Julien Roy
Barry Wilson

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  • stumpyfsr

    Decent video about guys having fun in Himalayas. What makes this video any different from average POV? Did I miss something?

    • delphinide

      I think it is different because it switches between riders and angles a lot, and the location. Cool video…

    • stumpyfsr

      There were helmet mount and chesty used there. Location is gorgeous with a variety of backgrounds. Hard to come up with the same result on a 10-20-mile loop in the woods.

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